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(330) 494-3969 • (330) 454-3113 • 
(330) 833-2166


Keeping Your Appliances Up 
and Running Since 1962

If you’re like most modern home owners, you rely on your appliances. A flawlessly functional washer and dryer make cleaning dirty clothes a snap. A humming refrigerator makes thousands of years of spoiled, dangerous food a seemingly impossible history. Your freezer enables you to store foods for months on end and enjoy ice cream in the midst of the hottest summers. Now imagine for a moment any one of those machines breaking down or acting up! How long do you think you could live without that fridge or range? How many times do you think you could wash a laundry load by hand before you break?

Thankfully, there’s no need to even imagine such bleak possibilities. You’ve found Rainey’s Appliance Service, a company offering expert responsiveness to your appliance problems within 24 hours of your call! That’s right – we’ll attend to your problems within a single day of your call, leaving you with nothing more than a restored appliance ready to tackle all its daily chores again.



Is your dryer on its last leg? Is your dishwasher making a huge mess? Call the experts! ​

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